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My name is Claudia Költringer and I have had a great fascination with hunting and dogs since I was a child - I am also fortunate to live in a beautiful spot on earth, in Seekirchen am Wallersee, in the middle of the Salzburg Lake District, and here I can still do one Very well occupied small game area - "our" Riedelwald - hunt together with my family or train our dogs in a practical way.

I am also active in the hunting dog business as:

Verdienstabzeichen in gold

Ich bin auch im Jagdhundewesen tätig als:

Vorstandsmitglied des

Salzburger Jagdgebrauchshundeklub

Chef Redaktion der Deutsch Kurzhaar Nachrichten

des Österr. Kurzhaar Klubs

Leistungsrichter FCI 7 des 

Österr. Jagdgebrauchshundeverbandes (ÖJGV)

bis 03/2022  Finanzreferentin/Präsidium des

Österr. Jagdgebrauchshundeverbandes (ÖJGV)


our breeding goal is very simply explained

It is very important to us to breed dogs of the noble breed German Shorthaired Pointer, which meet the extensive requirements of both a hunting dog and reliable hunting companions and are also absolutely suitable for everyday use. When it comes to hunting requirements, calm, obedience, toughness and an unconditional urge to move forward are basic requirements. In our opinion, these are also the requirements that make a fully functional dog and loyal hunting companion.

Our dogs are trained and used for all types of small game hunting before and after the shot, their practical performance and above all a pleasant demeanor determine the breeding career.

Since our dogs are also an integral part of our family life, they have to be absolutely uncomplicated (especially when dealing with children), easy to maneuver and easy to care for.

Rearing and imprinting

Anyone who decides on a puppy "vom Riedelwald" has no guarantee of a "top dog", but can assume with absolute certainty that everything possible has been done in advance to create the conditions for this.

Our puppies grow up exclusively in the family, get to know every species of game that we find and from the fifth week they are out and about with us every day in the area to explore the world. Our dwarfs are familiar with driving a car, will soon be taking over our garden pond, getting to know children, mixing up our group of chickens, being familiar with a multitude of everyday noises and much more ......

In addition to the mother bitch, our seniors also take care of their upbringing and socialization, who take care of the little ones with all of our litters with an angelic patience.

You are a loving but consistent teacher.

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