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Unkas KS from Theelshof

from the mating

Jola Anjules x Unkas KS from Theelshof

fell on 8/25/2017

0.2 brown and 0.1 brown mold puppies

our Riedelwald girls:

Aila, Aica and Annabelle

Test and show results A-litter:

2 x JE

2 x Derby (system check)

2 x usability test

2 x Solm

2 x BTR (delivery loyalty)

1 x VGP / BB - 1st price - 4 hours in front, 4 hours on the water

1 x V1 CAC / CACIB

Form value:

1 x V3

The first test results are there:

1 x HD A1 - ED and OCD free

1 x HD A2 - ED and OCD free

Puppy time
Dog life
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