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Esko from the royal line

w. 01/23/2011 from Beta KS from the Königsleite x Ilo KS from the Zista

Deutsch Kurzhaar Österreich, vom Riedelwald, ÖKK, Deutsch Kurzhaar Welpen Österreich


D1, system test 108 P, BP, S1, youth welding test 1 a price, field-water test 1, VGP 1 (Sbg in practice), visually loud

Form value: V1 (the form value V was confirmed several times in D or at the IKP 2013)

HD: A2 ED / OCD free

Esko is a very large, strong, athletic and elegant male, clearly pigmented in dark brown

and an almost exemplary male head with a long, powerful muzzle and a dry neck.

He is very steadfast and calm, easy to handle and absolutely uncomplicated in dealing with fellow dogs.

He shows uncompromising toughness when it comes to predatory game and prey.

In addition to perfectly crafted searches, his strength is the water work that he can prove every autumn on our numerous duck hunts. The excellent nose quality, paired with his great endurance and his unconditional will to find, always leads to success.

Esko is very often used for searches, also beyond the boundaries of the territories - whereby he shows great inner calm, disciplined and reliable work here.

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