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Jola Anjules

w. 04/24/2014 from Farah Anjules x Dexter KS vd Königsleite

Deutsch Kurzhaar Österreich, vom Riedelwald, ÖKK, Deutsch Kurzhaar Welpen Österreich


D1, system test Ö / 108 P., S1, VGP / ÜF 1, BTR, HN, Vbr (brown hare on its first driven hunt), VSwP 1 association welding test (test winner), bringsel reference (also in practice), visual

Form value: V (confirmed several times) CAC BOB CACIB

Jola received the form value V3 / CAC at the CAC special exhibition Deutsch Kurzhaar on May 26, 2016 in Marquardt.

HD: A1 ED / OCD free

Jola is a fine, elegant bitch of the middle stroke (60 cm). The high form value should be emphasized

(V - confirmed several times), the very dark pigment and its pleasant nature. Jola is always in a good mood, stress-free towards conspecifics and provided with an innate high willingness to learn constantly.

Already in the first year of the examination she was able to deliver impeccable performance and at the climax the VGP / ÜF,

at the age of only 17 months, pass the 1st prize with full points.

Jola shows - like her littermates - excellent achievements in field and water work. She shows perseverance and a tireless will to find until the end of each hunt. Particularly noteworthy is the calm and concentrated work during the welding work. In November 2016, Jola was able to pass the VswP (association welding test over 1000 m / 20 hours standing time) as the search winner in the first price.

When it comes to predatory game, she is absolutely uncompromising and intelligent, and in return she is loving and uncomplicated in the family, especially with children.

Both Jola and Esko are constantly on the hunt!

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